Multi-Channel List Manager Product Details


Key Benefits


  • Reduced costs: Experience reduced costs associated with managing your marketing efforts from campaign creation through post-mailing response analysis.  Duplicate detection reduces mailing costs and best, there’s no recurring outside service costs.
  • Immediate results: Results from segment creation are immediately available allowing your segments and campaign to be crafted to your exact objectives without requiring outside processing
  •  Ease of use: MCL Manager’s intuitive functions are evident the first time you drag your lists to the List Work Bench and push a button to apply a merge or de-dup function.  No specialized knowledge is required to use MCL Manager.
  • Turn on a dime:  Success in today’s market comes to those companies that can respond most quickly to rapidly changing customer needs.  MCL Manager will help your company improve your competitive edge.
  • Flexibility:  While MCL Manager includes several pre-built segmentation templates, including multiple variations on RFM, it doesn’t dictate how your business should operate.  You may build new segmentation templates based on any criteria in the segmentation cube.
  • Rapid List Fulfillment:  Fulfillment of your outbound rental lists is easy to configure and can be preset to automatically execute and deliver to your list subscriber without need for user intervention.
  • Large Volumes.  MCL Manager uses proprietary internal data management algorithms which allow for easy and timely management of very large mailing lists.
  • B2C, B2B or B2I:  The normalized list structures in MCL Manager allow for intermingled B2C, B2B & B2I functions to be performed on the same mailing or even within the same segment providing unprecedented flexibility. 
  • External Housefile Sync:  MCL Manager supports external synchronization of internal and external housefile lists including new-to-file and address change management.
  • Hygiene: Support for multiple hygiene & standardization activities including NCOA and ACS.

Segmentation Highlights


  • Master Segment Templates with user configurable parameters
  • Selects with replaceable symbols for RFM criteria, drop dates, period windows, purchase counts, etc.
  • Execute segmentation based on Media Event or Segment Group
  • Intuitive Segment Prioritization
  • Auto Segment generation w/preset criteria, format & interval
  • Flexible Attributes & Dimensions
  • DB Schema optimized for List load time and segmentation performance


Import / Export Facilities


  • User definable import/export formats
  • Universal Housefile Import/Export formats
  • Dynamically spawned lists from any other system or module from customer number
  • Automatic import/export scheduler
  • Optional inbound list encryption
  • FTP/SFTP automatic transport layer
  • Native NCOA Import/Export facilities
  • 3rd-Party Catalog Request Fulfillment
  • Native integration with Link2Me, powered by Lexus Nexus


 List Management Functions


  • Merge
  • Overlay
  • Sort
  • Nth & first “x” selections
  • De-dup / Purge based on:
    • Customer Number
    • Name & Address Match-coding
    • Email address
    • List Costs
    • List control groups
  • Rental list conversion
  • Support for Shorts/Finder records
  • Flexible addition of new List Functions
  • Inbound and outbound list costing