Multi-Channel List Manager


Multi-channel List Manager (MCL-M) is an innovative new product from Applications Development Corporation and Junction Solutions.  List management is at the very foundation of the direct marketing industry, and Multi-Channel List Manager represents a comprehensive management and segmentation solution designed to support the unique requirements of the Multi-Channel Direct Marketer. 

MCL-M can perform complex marketing segmentation tasks for both mail and email campaigns with remarkable simplicity and speed.  Resulting segment lists are stored in a user defined folder structure allowing organization by campaign, catalog, list type, hygiene, inbound rental, outbound list fulfillment or any other organizational method you desire.

Multi-Channel List Manager allows a customer to control their own campaign management functions in-house including modifications to segmentation criteria and list composition on-the-fly with near immediate results.  This tool can accomplish in minutes or hours what has traditionally taken days or even longer.


One of the most powerful attributes of the Applications Development Corporation Multi-channel List Manager is the list workbench.  Lists may be imported or exported into the list library or placed into the library as a result of segmentation operations. Any list or entire folders may be dragged to the workbench.  Once on the workbench, functions are applied and the result is placed on the “results” workbench.  If you like the results, you may drag the modified list(s) back to the library or delete the result set and perform another function.




The Multi-Channel List Manager segmentation engine contains a wide breadth of marketing and customer data including lifetime order values, RFM and order summary data, scores, income and credit scoring, etc.  All inbound list information is also available to the segmentation engine.  As each campaign, media event and segment are identified for a new event, segmentation templates are applied with fill-in-the-blank information such as beginning and ending dates, drop dates, target circulation.  The template is joined with the user entered variables to establish the new segments and media event.  New models and templates may be constructed as needed.  However, in most cases, the out-of-the-box templates will meet your requirements.  


MCL-M also provides integration with outside processors for list hygiene functions such as address standardization, delivery point verification and NCOA.  When partnered with Link2Me, powered by Lexis Nexis, it can also seamlessly manage other external information such as credit scoring, phone & email appends, demographic and household information as well as many industry-specific data overlays.   LexisNexis aggregates data from over 29,000 continually updated sources to present the broadest and most accurate view of U.S. consumers today.  Link2Me boasts as much as a 400% improvement on name and address corrections over basic NCOA.